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Our Story


Like any other story, our journey began with a problem. Dr. Kumara, our founder, had a breakthrough moment when he discovered the flaws in the language coaching industry. While exploring how the business operated, he observed that students were being evaluated solely on their current background and education, which hindered their growth and learning opportunities. Additionally, he noticed that the teaching methods and curriculum used were uniform for all students, which proved to be ineffective.

The trainers encountered a significant challenge: they were not granted the autonomy to implement their own teaching ideas and methods. The prevalent restrictions imposed by most institutions led to a demotivating environment, as the primary focus was on business rather than the noble profession of education. Driven by the belief that teaching involves not only imparting knowledge but also inspiring students to pursue their goals, this ignited a passion within him to establish an online venture. The aim was to create a platform where both students and teachers have the freedom to express and implement their unique ideas and methods, fostering a familial work environment that uplifts and supports one another. This vision also includes celebrating the success of peers, treating everyone equally, and fostering collective growth.

Our brand, LINGO Education Organization, has emerged from the combination of this concept along with harnessing the power of information and communication technology, Artificial Intelligence, and collaborating with top-notch trainers in the field. Our mission is to deliver high-quality training to individuals aspiring to pursue overseas studies or employment, regardless of their background or present situation.

Our Mission

Our dedication lies in educating and motivating individuals from diverse backgrounds, offering guidance as they embark on their journey towards their career and educational aspirations. We remain steadfast in our commitment to our students, accompanying them throughout their progress until they successfully reach their desired scores.

Our Vision

We assist individuals in realizing their dreams by overcoming obstacles, providing the flexibility to pursue their goals conveniently from the comfort of their own homes and at their preferred pace.


Our Stand-out Features

Globally Connects people

With the advent of the internet and the virtual realm, digital education has emerged as a pivotal force in connecting individuals across the globe. Our offerings encompass a comprehensive and adaptable learning experience that caters to the requirements of individuals leading busy lives.

Vast career Opportunities

Upon successfully completing the IELTS exam, individuals are awarded an internationally recognized certification. The results of the IELTS exam hold significant value as they are widely accepted by a multitude of government organizations, colleges, businesses, and institutions for various academic, immigration, and professional pursuits.

Extensive Study Materials

At our academy, we provide a variety of resources and courses meticulously crafted to elevate English language proficiency and equip students for triumph in the IELTS exam. Recognizing the significance of flexibility, our online platform enables students to conveniently access course materials at their preferred time, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

We are dedicated to assisting you throughout your path towards achieving success.


Dr Kumara MP

Being a doctor trained abroad, Kumara is a very versatile person. His passion for life and trying new endeavors doesn’t let him limit himself to one thing. He identifies places where there is a need and creates something extraordinary. His willingness to learn new things and explore different opportunities has helped him come up with projects that will create a lasting impact in every field that he explores.
With his passion for travel and spirituality, he has founded a company through which he is transforming lives by mentoring and being a life coach for many people who are in need. Apart from practicing dentistry, he also runs a digital marketing agency.

Harsha B S

With a passion for digital marketing and a keen eye for emerging trends, harsha plays a crucial role in expanding our reach and impact in the education sector. Armed with a deep understanding of the online landscape, devises and implements creative strategies to engage and connect with our target audience.

Srimathi S

Equipped with a Computer Science degree and a professional background in renowned multinational corporations, she discovered her true passion for the art of language. Mastering the orchestration of words has become her specialized domain

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